Why are front brakes bigger than rear

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Any suggestions for matching the rear brakes with either Front brake kit? Thanks, Tim #2 10-10-2000 05:28 PM by copec. do you have an RS? ...

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4 x Large caliper cover (2 front+2 Rear caliper). - Basically as long as the brake disc cover size can be larger than the size of the brake disc can be modified. The car type table only provides reference.

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I've read that going to a larger rear wheel cylinder bore, will put more force/pressure to my rear brakes. OK my question is would going UP 1/16" in bore size make a noticeable difference ? The math tells me that a 15/16" bore has an area of .6903 sq IN/ and a 1.00" bore has an area of .7854 sq IN.If you are running front disc brakes and rear drum brakes then you need to use the larger reservoir for the discs, if in fact your master has a larger reservoir, which usually is in the front. If you are running 4 wheel drum brakes it doesn't matter.

The substantial improvement in braking you will feel and the warranty that is included with every performance drilled and slotted brake rotor, is worth the upgrade over stock replacement rotors. The Difference Between Semi Metallic and Ceramic Brake Pads. When deciding what brake pads are best for your vehicle, there are many factors to consider. What makes the front brake bigger than the rear brake? Advertisement. 1. Increase braking power. When the vehicle is braking, there is a weight transfer which makes the front of the vehicle tend to move downward. That is a weight transfer, this event occurs because the torque of the vehicle towards suddenly held by the brakes on the front wheels.