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Pixels on the NUV MAMA are 25.4 m on a side, therefore the CEI specification requires that 90% of the counts fall within ± 300/25 = 12 cross-dispersion ('X') pixels. As presented below, both PSA and BOA NUV observations exceed the specification. Table 5.3 4: Results of 2006 NUV spatial resolution test. Aperture Grating C

Linktop Global Pty Ltd - Hangzhou [email protected] 8.65713E+12 Suite 702, Xinghui Mansion, 707 Jianguobei Rd, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou Linktop Global Pty Ltd - Chengdu [email protected] 8.62887E+11 Suite A, Level 12, First City Plaza (Guan Cheng) No. 308 Shuncheng Avenue Chengdu Sichuan China Linktop Global Pty Ltd - Wuchang [email ...Spring 2021 C104 Case Competition: Global Mamas Page | 1 OVERVIEW: • The goals of this competition are to encourage the creation of integrated, strategic ideas to strengthen and grow sales for Global Mamas and employ more " Mamas ". • Global Mamas will be looking for innovative and relevant ideas that have the potential to drive sales and increase brand awareness.