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Drag Conveyors. We build our drag conveyors for performance and endurance under even the roughest conditions. Engineered for efficiency and reliability, our conveyors offer key features that extend life and increase productivity—exactly what you need to deliver. Like fully designed heads and tails for maximum durability, and all-bolted ...

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Chain conveyors made to handle severe-duty, highly abrasive, metal chips, fines and swarf. Transfer and elevate the most difficult and abrasive wet or dry metal chips, fines, swarf, die scrap and other materials with this rugged, chain driven, liquid-tight conveyor. Every part of this rugged chain driven conveyor is designed for severe duty.

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Drag chain conveyors are encased in conduit, reducing dust buildup, and the self-cleaning aspect aids in reduced maintenance. Drag conveyors are used across commercial and industrial grain handling sites including commercial grain terminals, feed mills, port facilities, food processing, specialty grains, fertiliser and seed processing.supplied an L-Path Drag Conveyor with AR liners, hardened split sprockets, and mill duty chain to replace the 3 separate conveyors. Annual energy consumption was cut in half. Maintenance costs were reduced by 60%. Chain Driven. Live Roller. Ideal for pallet handling or oily conditions which are not suitable for belt driven live roller. Drag Chain. Two and three strand drag chain conveyors designed to handle pallets. Sortation. Reliable package tracking to diverter stations. Take-away spurs can be skate wheel or powered. Incline Decline.