C9h12 empirical formula

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Sr No Fuel Blends (by volume) Empirical Formula C6.305H8.0242O1.02 C7.025H9.0926O0.4082 C6.3545H7.408O1.02 C6.887H9.1784O0.51 C6.5016H9.1868O0.816 C5.821H7.2852O1.4284 C7.69H10.1765 C7.463H10.441 Boiling Point (K) 433 > 413 > 413 > 413 > 413 > 413 > 413 > 413 Freezing Point (K) < 243 < 243 < 243 < 243 < 243 < 233 < 233 < 233 Density (kg mÀ3 ...

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1) Outline the mechanism for the reaction of compound c with chlorine. Show the role of the hydrogen carrier. 2) Compound c can be prepared by 'trimerisation' of propanone using concentrated sulfuric acid as a catalyst. Suggest an equation for this reaction, using molecular formula. Last edited by Unknownn1.x; 8 months ago. 0.

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Jul 27, 2019 · Benzene derivative X has the empirical formula C9H12. Its bromination in the light leads to the formation of two monobromo derivatives asked Sep 17, 2019 in Chemistry by PujaBharti ( 55.0k points) The molecular formula of a compound may be the empirical formula, or it may be a multiple of the empirical formula. For example, the molecular formula of butene, C 4 H 8, shows that each freely existing molecule of butene contains four atoms of carbon and eight atoms of hydrogen. Its empirical formula is CH 2.

Chemical Engineering. Chemical Engineering questions and answers. value: 0.50 points Which of the following is an example of an empirical formula? O CeH6 O C9H12 O CoH12Cl2 O N204.